WHAT are themed celebrationS?

A Themed Celebration is the overarching idea or concept behind your event, that not only gives the event structure, but can inspire guests and reinforce your event message, production, selected entertainment and costumes and key takeaways.   Themed Celebrations are a perfect way to add fun and excitement for Corporate Anniversaries!


  • Event Management and Production
  • Venue Selection / Coordination
  • Stage Set-Up / AV and Lighting
  • Host & Speakers
  • Entertainment
  • Catering Services
  • Transportation & Logistics


  • Creative Concept Brainstorming
  • Themed Stage Design
  • Celebrity Speakers and Entertainment
  • Rental Lounge or Basic Furniture
  • Themed TableTop Design
  • TableTop Floral / Prop Displays
  • Collateral Design Branding and Printing

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  • THE CHALLENGE: Client - The most highly visited tourist destination in Hong Kong. A year of research, planning and dreaming up a sensational program culminated in the Grand Opening Program of the Peak Tower. We were responsible for the entire creative conception, development and oversaw all the direction for the event, coordinating performance troupes from London, Tanzania, and Hong Kong.
  • THE SUCCESS: The celebration was spread over 14 days, kicking off with a spectacular launch event that attracted more than 600 guests from the city’s leading business elite, socialites and others orchestrated by a ‘over the top MC’ greeting the crowds.
  • This complex production, made even more challenging by the layout of the Peak Tower, 7 floors and limited floor space on any given level, required sophisticated .lighting and a multi-faceted ongoing program of events to keep the crowd entertained.
  • The evening was topped off with a spectacular pyrotechnics display on the rooftop to declare Peak Tower officially “open for business”.

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Store Opening and 25th Anniversary
of Dickson Poon Concepts

  • THE CHALLENGE: As one of the world's most respected fashion emporiums, Harvey Nichols, London, needed to impress its 1500 invited guests at the launch of its Hong Kong store and the 25th Anniversary of Dickson Poon Concepts. We were asked to come up with an innovative evening of entertainment and décor for the venue adjacent to the Harvey Nichols Store. The challenge was the commercial stores did not close their doors until 5:30pm and the event launch event began at 7:00pm.
  • THE SUCCESS: We created a highly stylized theme that was based on the "Best of Britain”. All entertainment was set up ‘IN THE WINGS’, ready to be walked out to the PUBLIC COMMERCIAL SPACE, where the event was to be launched; this including a dance troupe dressed in Royal Guards outfits, elegant models in haute couture and specially commissioned 2-foot high ‘tornado’ wigs that were created in New York and a cool hip jazz band flown in from London.
  • We created a draping system set-up the night before along with special lighting that was released at the the last minute with visual projections that changed color and shapes throughout the night, creating a festive stylized party evening atmosphere. Guests included Hong Kong's elite, with the Honorable Donald Tsang as Guest of Honor.

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Return Client Annual Event – “The American Classics”, “Miami Beat” and The 40th Anniversary – "Ruby Ball”

  • THE CHALLENGE: We were approached on the first ballroom for a multiple company pitch, winning the contract to help AMCHAM to create a theme, stage décor, lobby décor, entertainment for main stage, walk around meet and greet entertainment, design the ball program and all related ball marketing material, including invitation, dinner menu, tabletop design, flowers, directing program and evening stage performances and speakers.
  • THE SUCCESS: Our success the first year for the ”American Classics” (Everything Americana) resulted in being chosen as the Event Management and Production Company for the “THE MIAMI BEAT”, following year and returning for ”THE 40TH ANNIVERSARY - RUBY BALL”.
  • AMERICAN CLASSSIS was hailed as the Chamber's ‘best ever’. A new level of sophistication was reached through the use of elegant tabletop and floral decorations, innovative set design and stunning ambient lighting. An enthusiastic crowd embraced the theme, many of them turning up in costume. This event success was carried on through the following 2 years’ events.

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  • THE CHALLENGE: The venue owner where WIRED MAGAZINE EVENT was held, approached us to take on a double challenge. To create an elegant décor and table top setting for his and fiancée’s wedding and to also include the design to be photographed as a promotional marketing tool for their rental venue.
  • THE SUCCESS: A beautifully executed table top, floral decoration, along with dividing the same space allowing the wedding party to have a separate cocktail area dinner dance event.
  • The client was extremely satisfied with both challenges and proceeded to use the photography shots for marketing material in advertising the rental venue space.

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